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Our Services


Contractors are always looking for MEP estimating services to increase their winning ratio. NY Bid Estimating provides accurate and cost-effective bid estimates in the least turnaround time 24- 48 Hrs.


We have an experienced and efficient team of construction cost estimators, engineers & surveyors to prepare accurate takeoffs for residential, commercial, industrial and civil construction projects.


We provide complete cost estimate of the project including labor, material and support services required to complete the project. We use latest market commodities pricing, and diverse pricing database from Trimble Accubid, EBM, PHCC, RSMeans, McCormick and Quotesoft.


We are specialized in the civil estimation in residential, commercial and earthwork projects. We use Auto CAD, Kubla, RSMeans, Microsoft Office Applications to prepare accurate civil estimates.


Our estimators, experienced in plumbing & mechanical/HVAC residential, commercial & industrial projects use traditional & trade specific softwares like Planswift, Bluebeam, Trimble and Quotesoft to prepare take-offs and cost estimates.


NY Bid Estimating provides accurate take-offs and estimation services. We have experienced estimators with hands-on field experience and estimation for the fire suppression systems in residential & commercial projects.

Why us?

Fastest Turnaround Time

We deliver the takeoffs within very short time of 24 to 48 hours to meet your urgent demands. You never miss a bid opportunity.

Affordable Prices

Our construction estimates and quantity takeoffs are at competitive market rates starting from $200 on average. This varies depending upon the size and complexity of the project.

Accurate And Detailed Estimates

With the use of the latest Intelligent Takeoff Softwares and our developed construction cost database on zip code basis, we ensure accuracy in our estimates. We also offer on-demand vendor pricing.

Expert Estimators

All our estimators are having hands-on experience of their trades and we take pride in our skills. Team has mix of graduate engineers, filed experts and quantity surveyors which makes us successful amongst our competitors.

Added Services

Our experts assist our customers throughout the bidding process to make sure bid is submitted properly as per the bid forms. Our experts help you get equipment & fixtures quotes from your trusted vendors/suppliers.

Long & Short Term Estimation Contracts

We offer short term and long term estimation contracts to meet your business needs. This usually involves rates per drawings/blueprints.


  • General Contractors
  • Homebuilders
  • Subcontractors
  • Developer
  • Remodeling Contractors
  • Architects
  • Vendors
  • Designers

Our Testimonials

What they say about us.

They are doing excellent work. Helped us a lot during the pandemic. Superb customer service.

I was impressed with their customer support. They not only provided the estimate but helped us during the complete bidding process including the series of addendums and change orders.

I liked their accuracy and the presentation. The takeoff spreadsheet is very detailed. Will definitely recommend!

Very professional services. Helped me a lot in completing complex bid breakdown forms. Will definitely use them again.

It has been a great experience working with these guys for last 2 years. They have the latest commodity prices and variety of labor databases to suit different jobs.

They are not like ordinary estimators. They helped throughout the bidding process of my very complex and critical project. Excellent Customer Service

NY Bid Estimating, the Perfect Estimation Services for Businesses

Ny Biding Estimating services are the best in town with ultimate cost-effectiveness and best turnaround. We are a company that can provide the ultimately perfect estimation possible. Ny Bid Estimating has the most accurate ways to provide the estimation any contractor or subcontractor can rely on. Dealing the widest range of estimations that win bids, we aid works. We provide bids that can deliver profits to anyone who would love to have them. Our more than a decade-long experience in the field gives you the edge needed. This helps get the projects that no one else can get. Some of the essential services we provide are:

1: Trimble MEP Estimation:

Trimble MEP estimation has never been as accurate as we do with the unmatched standards that we have. And we have demonstrated this accuracy in numerous projects. These services are the best tremble MEP estimating service that can win you mechanical, plumbing, and electrical contracts. These projects can get the most profitable results. Ny bid estimating MEP constructions estimations services include spray installation, sprinklers, moisture protection and fireproofing. We fill all the needs of MEP estimations by giving moisture protection, heating, HVAC, and Ductwork. We master the estimation of these works for contractors and subcontractors.

2: In the Field of Plumbing:

In the field of plumbing, we give quotes that can make you the market hot favorite. These services equip clients with all the needs for excelling in their business. Maintaining the best turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours helps in urgent output is a requirement. Services that get the edge by giving the most accurate rates with plumbing take-off estimations. Moreover, these estimation services make our clients stand out. The range of services is Mechanical, Civil, Oil & Gas Piping, Plumbing, Electrical and WWT Plants. These services deliver the results that can win projects and that too with the highest margins. Ny bid estimating staff are qualified and experienced in civil works, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical estimations. Our staff is fully prepared with expertise soft wares like Plan swift, CAD, Trimble Accubid. The expertise includes both trade specific and traditional soft wares that aid in construction estimations. We come with the super results that market has demand for.

3: Construction Cost Estimation:

Hands-on experience in mechanical, plumbing, electrical and civil works makes us distinguished. With trade-specific and traditional soft wares like Planswift, Trimble Accubid, Bluebeam, Quotesoft, CAD differentiates us.

Our estimators with hands-on experience in estimation can give the best possible plumbing quotes and assure work according to PHCC, Accubid, NECA, EBM. This expertise gives the ability to provide ultimate quotes through Construction estimating procedures. Moreover, there is a complete following for setting standards in the market with civil engineering cost estimation.  This service is one of our expertise in construction estimation services. It’s is our prestige to serve with the results our professionalism and dedication for the field brings forth for clients. We have reverence and regard to the utmost degree for the work we do. Ny bid Estimating is happy to serve with qualifications and experience. The services we give have unfolded the new eras in the construction estimating services. 

4: Building Cost Estimating:

We also provide services for civil buildings that need a cost estimation that can be a game-changer. And this is a game-changer for the game for a project contractor and subcontractor. These services need accuracy in different fields that we master the experience of more than a decade. Moreover, our estimations have been the best in business that ensures success to our clients. We do that with the best profit ranges construction projects deliver for our clients. We are charged with the utmost effort we put in. Our staff masters in the soft wares required to meet the estimation services needs of almost all sorts of construction estimation. We provide services for almost all types of buildings built in the country. CAD is one of the soft wares our staff can use to make estimations within the time required. The turnaround time of such jobs can vary, but we can deliver the work within 24 to 48 hours, impacted by different factors. This includes our services for construction cost estimation and material take offwhich can be costly.

6: Fire Suppression Services:

The other services we provide include fire suppression system estimation that has to play a big role. We are reliable for these services that help keep you a step ahead. Fire suppression systems are as important in our work ethics as other aspects are. So, we never fall short of providing the best estimation. And that too with the utmost quality that can come with the budget ranges we give for clients. There are several factors that impact this type of estimation and we master handling all of them. This also makes us the people who know how far we can go with a budget and what we can do with it. Keeping the budget too low may win projects but can be extremely harmful to the people involved in it. To manage the balance between budget and estimation, we work harder than anyone else. This ensures the delivery of results a contractor and subcontractor needs. But, we never compromise on the quality of a project that can affect negatively.

6: We also Work as Home Repair Estimators:

A smaller project like home repairing estimating is not a small one for every company and we can help in this regard as well. Giving what you need is the goal that we do with the fulfillment of our and meeting the needs. Working as a home repair estimator is a smaller project, but it is important for us that we understand fully. We fulfill such projects with responsibilities like family members. In this regard, there is the following of all the best standards this industry has maintained and developed. And we follow all the ways that can get the maximum benefits for our clients. To get the results according to our client’s needs, we go to all extents possible as a company with ethical and legal terms. These qualities distinguish us from a mark we have made in this field.

7: Electrical Estimating:

Our electrical estimating is the best in the town that has been helping the people we work for. This estimation is a key factor in the improvement of the works we do and the bids we win as a third party. A big profit margin is what we aim at for people who believe in us and come to us for work.

No matter what type of estimating services we do, we do it with the utmost belief in our standards. To maintain the standards, we work hard with the dedication that can change the game for our clients. All types of estimation services require attention and dedication to the work that we have. In the fulfillment of the duty needs, we go to every possible extent that does not cause any harm to someone. Following the practices that excel best in the market is our priority that gives an edge to all that deal with us. And too with cost-effectiveness.